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Meet the Team

We have highly qualified and experienced personnel for the activities developed within Fatsgreen Bioenergy. We carry out each one of our projects in an agile and reasonable way; in this way, we ensure to obtain a quality product as much for the elaborated goods as for the services executed within our company. Our team is made up of global experts and passionate professionals whose motivation and dedication to their work are vital to the success of Fatsgreen Bioenergy.

Fatsgreen Bioenergy invests continuously in training our teams to keep them permanently updated. We carry out outdoor days in which we all participate to promote teamwork. We also organize indoor days, in which we encourage the motivation of each of our employees. 

We know that the functioning and engine of a company is none other than the human teams that make it up. The management team acts directly, transmitting fundamental values to the people who make up the company.

A multidisciplinary team integrated by engineers specialized in different tasks allows Fatsgreen Bioenergy to provide solutions in time and efficiency to the projects. Teamwork is the basis of the organization. It is another way of thinking, and it is a winning way that is based on commitment.

In Fatsgreen Bioenergy, the company's engine is the human team, professionals who have become the company's most important value.


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ISCC EU Certified

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