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Vietnam's used cooking oil market is growing due to increasing demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly products. Collection and re-processing of used cooking oil are becoming profitable, as the oil can be converted into biodiesel, a renewable energy source. However, the market also faces challenges, such as a need for more regulations, leading to low-quality products and environmental hazards. Additionally, consumers still need more awareness about the benefits and proper disposal methods of used cooking oil, leading to its improper disposal and negative environmental impact.

Vietnam's used cooking oil market is organized through a network of collectors, processors, and distributors. Collectors gather the used oil from restaurants and other food establishments, then sell it to processors who refine and purify the oil for biodiesel production or as a feedstock for animal feed. The processed oil is then sold to distributors who distribute it to various end-users such as biodiesel producers, animal feed manufacturers, and other industrial customers. The market is relatively fragmented, with small and medium-sized enterprises dominating the sector. Still, larger companies are also entering the market and investing in developing more advanced technologies for used oil collection and processing.

Who we are 

Fatsgreen BIOENERGY is a company that specializes in the first link of the recycling chain of used edible oils through the COLLECTION, TRANSPORTATION, STORAGE, AND FINAL DISPOSAL of used edible oils.We provide professional services for the removal, transportation, and final disposal of used vegetable oils from (homes, hotels, restaurants, and any INDUSTRIAL USE).We want to contribute to raising people's awareness about the damage that used vegetable oil does to the environment and to encourage the recycling of this waste.


Our Vision

To be recognized as an innovative company leader in the market at the international level for its environmental and social commitment in all logistic processes related to our commercial activity to orient them towards the satisfaction of the needs, welfare expectations, and services of our customers


Green Energy Generation

The generation of Biodiesel is one of the most effective ways to achieve the care of our natural resources and avoid the contamination of thousands of liters of water, soil, and CO2 emissions.



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ISCC EU Certified

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